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Health Program Information

 Basic instructions


                          Chisholm Trail health blend      The brown stuff


We recommend that you start by using 1/2 cup  to 50 pounds of feed  and then increase  or decrease the amount as you see fit  using a minimum of 1/4 cup  per 50 pounds of feed.

 When mixing smaller amounts of feed  you might try using 1 teaspoon per 1 pound of feed.

 Coat the feed with equal amounts of oil and powder. Example, If you are using 1/2 cup of powder then coat the feed with 1/2 cup of oil .  (you may not need oil if using pellets )

1.Pour the oil on the feed and mix until there is a light coat of oil on the feed.

2.  Add the health blend to the feed and mix.


               Mineral and trace mineral complex     The bottle


              Add to the drinking water at the rate of 1/4 teaspoon per gallon.

(20 drops equal 1/4 teaspoon)


             Acid pack 4-Way 2x     The white stuff


 Added along with the Mineral and Trace Mineral complex at the rate of 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water.

( Not to be used on shipping day since it may cause thirst )



 Frequently asked Questions


 Do you recommend using the powder on the feed 365 days per year ?

   Yes,  use it every day for maximum effect.


 Do you recommend using the to additives for the water every day except shipping day ?

Yes, one of its properties is to prevent the spread of pathogens from beak to beak via the drinkers.


 Do the to water additives go in the water together?

 Yes,  they both have an effect upon the CTL  health blend, by helping to activate other ingredients  such as vitamins .


 What kind of oil do you recommend to get the powder to adhere to the feed ?

Any oil may be used. You may also use other liquids such as aloe vera juice, garlic juice ,lemon juice ETC. Remember, you are only going to lightly oil the feed so don't saturate. We recommend that you simply use  inexpensive oil  since you are only going to be using a small amount.  I use peanut oil.


Will the oil go bad? How far ahead can you mix the feed?

Mixing ahead about one or two weeks should be fine. Remember just a light coat of oil do not saturate.


 Is the health blend that Dove Supply sells the #2 or the #3 sold by John Curry?

 The health blend is the #3 sold by John. The #3 is the most expensive to produce and contains  the maximum amount  of vitamins , minerals ,  amino acids  and herbs. This formula came directly from John  and is only available  from Dove Supply. The #2 is no longer available.


Will this help my sterile bird ?

It has helped occasionally. 


Will I win races ?

 There is no guarantee That you will win races . But one thing is for sure ,healthy birds will have a much better chance  on race day  than birds that do not receive  proper nutrition. Many champion racers  use The Chisholm Trail loft Health  program.


How will the Chisholm Trail loft health program Work with what I am already using ? 

 There are too many things available for fanciers to use and experiment with for us to answer. CTL users are mostly people  who are tired of trying all the potions  and tricks and are really interested  in working with  nature  to produce healthy  animals.


Does this work on other animals   

Yes , We provide this for all types of animals with great results. If you have small animals or a small number of birds the health blend is available in small amounts .


Can I just reorder the water additives when I run low without ordering the whole package?

Yes , with a minimum order of 2  of The Mineral And Trace Mineral Complex , or two of The Acid Pack 4-Way 2x


John Doe is using something that he bought from someone who claims to have the same thing  as CTL.



 Will you give me a list of the ingredients ?



Herbs, amino acids, avian vitamins, microencapsulated Friendly Bacteria, Enzymes, Electrolytes and more.


The Long Answer....


  Chisholm Trail supplements are a proprietary blended unit of numerous ingredients from around the world  each ingredient having its own specific property and duty in regard to the overall health of the pigeon. Many of the ingredients are derived from herbs, plants and plant root extracts which the birds cannot forage for themselves. These ingredients can not be purchased at your local feed store or health food store. Our formula addresses numerous specific areas of concern for the show and performance bird. There are ingredients which coat the intestinal lining and act as a prophylactic toward pathogens like E-coli and Salmonella which would attach to the intestinal wall and eventually debilitate or kill the bird. Another area we have addressed is  reproduction. There are ingredients which are vital in the health and formation of the sperm cell, a healthy oviduct, and yolk sac nutrition. ( Many youngsters die from a lack of yolk sac nutrition before the parents can start their milk ) We've addressed your birds health needs by adding  an ingredient which binds ammonia  up to 75%. Ammonia is the culprit when it comes to respiratory infections. ( other than mechanical ) Ammonia cuts through the mucous membrane and allows pathogen and virus penetration. More oxygen means more cellular respiration, which means robust youngsters.We've added enzymes which break down the food for better utilization and economy.Other ingredients bind molds and mildew which affect the liver. A healthy liver affects bird performance on all levels. Birds on Chisholm Trail supplements exhibit feather quality beyond normal expectations as well as areas of the anatomy such as beak, toenail, skin and eye. Fanciers are reaching goals of winning in Races and exhibition who in time past only dreamed of distant achievement . Don't let yourself be swept into the anti-biotic cycle of diminishing returns which can only lead to failure.Twenty years of success for Chisholm Trail natural supplements and thousands of clients have proven that we have an easy to apply inexpensive one-size-fits-all  program that will even make the novice look like a professional.







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Chisholm trail products and pure white racing pigeons
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