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A letter from John Curry



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By: John Curry

We've been going by the name "Chisholm Trail loft" since 1985, although we've had pigeons since 1956.As a child we had many encounters with pigeon enemies cats, rats, snakes and raccoons to name a few. Our greatest heart aches have come from sudden sickness, which often cleaned us out. Many times we would work on our own homemade remedies  to combat our "pigeon plagues"  but with little success. In 1979 we acquired an inbred family of racing homers  that originated in France.These birds  are fantastic breeders when crossed with other performing families and many of our race winners  are of these crossings.  Because of years of inbreeding, the family had lost its vitality and often members would die at the slightest sickness. Needless to say we had spent a fortune on various drugs and antibiotics , which were mostly a waste of money with diminishing returns.When the paratyphoid vaccine came out, we vaccinated our birds and many of this family only, were found dead later. The parayxo virus  vaccine seemed necessary and again we killed many members of this family  while other birds did fine.  We kept our fingers crossed for the survival of members of this pure family until they reached about two years old and then they seemed,by that time, to have developed a sufficient immune system to survive most things but not without lots of medications. If we didn't medicate heavily after breaking up breeding pairs the birds would sulk in a corner and die.In our hearts We "quit pigeons 1000 times".Respiratory problems and trichomoniasis were the expected thing in our loft for which we treated too often. Finally, out of desperation and a few accidental encounters, we began to find "natural" substances and products which really did work to protect and build  the animal's immune system. We began blending products from around the world after carefully studying their effects on our birds and others and reading scientific studies relating to each substance.Finally we have developed a blend of products  that are phenomenal.
In the last six years we have had no pox, only one or two young birds each year with canker and two birds with respiratory ailments.  We have introduced hundreds of pigeon fancier's to our product /program with overwhelming acceptance. the antibiotics which we once had on hand lost their shelf life and now we can honestly say  that finally there is really an all-natural, superior alternative to drugs and antibiotics for animal health. Our base products/ingredient coats the receptor sites of the intestinal lining where pathogens, such as E-coli , salmonella and coccidiosis attach. When our product is present in the gut, there is no possibility of pathogens attaching to the intestinal wall and are thus absorbed by the product and excreted by the birds. In specific studies, birds and pigs having been on the product, have been given lethal doses of E-coli with absolutely no detrimental effect. 70% of the immune system is in the gut area of most living creatures. In the gut, the battle rages against pathogens. When our formula is present there is little work for the immune system to do except build stronger and advance  to other areas of the animal, such as the respiratory  and do battle there. When the birds own immune system is enhanced it is most capable of fighting  trichomoniasis whose mobility is a waving membrane  rather than attachment. Another ingredient derived from the Yucca plant  kills ammonia by 70 to 85%, as determined in large studies of animals. Ammonia is the primary culprit to respiratory problems in birds, dairy cattle, horses etc.  Less ammonia means more oxygen and thus  cellular respiration.  In our formula, we have microencapsulated  friendly bacteria so that by a process  known as "competitive exclusion" there are more "good guys"  present in the animal then "bad guys". Our ingredients lower the pH of water. This means that friendly bacteria proliferate  and pathogens are repelled.  Much like black bass thrive in fresh water and sea bass thrive in salt water and each abhor the other's choice of water and place to thrive. Many ingredients go into our blended formula that bring the animal to optimal health. This means that droppings are tight, bloom abounds and health exudes from the birds. Scraping the smelly/wet droppings off the perch is a thing of the past. Now we can concentrate on the fun aspects of owning our beloved pets.

This article was written in hopes that you too will discover what many others have come to realize. There is an answer and alternative to the undesirable and diminishing returns of using antibiotics to prevent diseases. Remember, our products are meant to prevent. Not to cure.

John Curry

Duncan, OK



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Description:  John Curry Letter Chisholm trail products and pure white racing pigeons
Chisholm trail products and pure white racing pigeons
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